Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

[Lirik] Burgerkill - Suffer To Death

Artist : Burgerkill.
Judul : Suffer To Death.

Let me breathing..
I got no cash, i got no place to stay
What a worthless life?
I got no plan, i got no future yet
Everything just same old bullshit
Why i can't stop to complaining this way?
Why i cannot stand..
Make me suffer to death
Make me lost my mind..
Why? Why i cannot stand?
Nothing new and nothing change
I got no pride to live my life
I need more space to change my destiny
Everything so dark...
I need friend to sharing
For these so much pain
All the faith despair..
I need friend to heal,
For this so much hurt
I cant through this hell..
I cant through this hell..
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4 komentar:

  1. Mantap,bro
    tapi ane gk terlalu demen
    tunggu gothic yg laen aja...

    Mampir jg ya kegubuk ane

  2. Ok kang, tunggu aje yg lain, hehe

  3. Lapøran,brö link ente udh ane pasang
    thank's ya... :D


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